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My peanut.  (:

My peanut. (:


can it be Christmas already.

I wanna see if what I’ve worked hard on paid off.I don’t know if it did but I sure hope so. (:


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I have been hiding behind this facade. I’m not the happy, cheerful person who’s life doesn’t have a flaw in the world. I don’t show the person I am because if I did I feel that I would lose most if not all of my friends. I don’t tell people what’s wrong because they will judge me or if I tell them I’m suffering from depression they will say that I’m just making it up to get attention or that I don’t I only think I do. Most people believe the happy face I put on. And I’m tired of hiding it. I don’t like who I am and I don’t like being a depressing person. But I can honestly say I don’t know when the last time I was truly happy. I don’t want people to think I’m a freak because I have put myself into harm many times. I’m scared of what my family will say or do if I tell them I think I have depression. I took a test online even though I know its not an actual diagnosis, but it said I have major depression. And I have 90% of the symptoms that it says about depression. And to add to the top of that I have confidence and self-esteem issues, and I’m not happy with my body. The one person that I should be able to tell I can’t because I’m afraid he will leave me because I’m a depressing person. When all I really need is support to help me get over this. I know that venting here isn’t going to do anything but its the one place that I can vent that I won’t be judged or I hope no one will judge me. Most of you probably don’t even read what I post. But I’m just reaching out for help and any help. Idk if I should talk to my mom about it or not, but I’m scared and I need to get rid of the depressing side of me and be a happy go lucky person again.


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